Food business – Easy or Difficult?

No job is easy in the beginning. With a little effort and investment, you will succeed to run the business on track. We decided to prepare a few short and useful tips for opening a new food store. This, of course, is not at all necessary knowledge, nor a law which must be observed unconditionally, but we are sure that a brief text will successfully focus you and contribute to your correct thinking when it comes to dealing with food business. There are some tips that you should follow:

  • Location
  • Size of the store
  • Interior
  • Proper formation and maintenance of the product range
  • Proper maintenance of store
  • Professional staff
  • Your store and you
  • Position of the goods on the shelves
  • Law regulations

1. Location

It is very important to choose the right location for specialized food store. Premises should be located at a busy place, where people walk on foot: the promenade, near the market or stores consumer goods. The point is that your food store is “hands on”, do not choose lonely shop, away from other commercial activities. If your store has a parking, you have chosen an exceptional location. Also, do not open a store in the vicinity of the existing store of the same profile, as this will not have positive effect on your business.

2. Size of the store

It is important that your store gives the impression of professionalism, neatness and abundance. So do not make decisions for oversized stores, which will be hard to equip. it is always easier, cheaper and rewarding to fill a small place. The ideal size of the store is 100 m2. When adapting your store, make sure to comply with all legislation relating to this sector, which are of vital importance (toilets, hot water, storage space, etc.). Make it easy at the beginning, because later it will mean to you a lot.

3. Interior

The functional interior is of the great importance for each food store. You must use the space wisely and properly access the size, quantity and position of required shelf packaged products as well as glass bottles intended for bulk goods. For example: the jars must not be too small because they are not practical for maintenance, but also not to large, because in them unnecessary large amount of open goods are too long exposed to external influences, which negatively affect its quality (crispiness, taste, and even microbiological correctness). All interior elements should be made of material that is medically safe and easy to maintain.

4. Proper formation and maintenance of the product range

Although we advise you to have a lower lager, do not allow yourself to run out of some products, especially those key, the most popular and newest. Very soon after opening, you will already catch your rhythm. Over time, you will become very clear which goods on your location and in your store is doing better and which less. Always on time provide sufficient, but not excessive amount of goods.

Click here to see how to keep the food fresh longer and reduce waste.

5. Proper maintenance of store

Do not forget that your store is your mirror. It tells customers a lot about you, and should always be in keeping with what you want of people to perceive you. Uncluttered look of store contribute uniformed and transparent set prices, wobblers, declarations and notifications of any kind. The presence of dust on the shelves and products is not only hygienic unfair, but leaves a very bad impression on customers. The same is true for the neglected jars, messy tables, and floor tiles.

6. Professional staff

The staff in food stores is the most important link in the chain of your success. Their responsibility is great, because the information that they provide to customers are often related to specific health questions. When you receive the staff employed, make sure that the candidate, whom you will give a chance, is polite, smiling and pleasant, and orderly appearance. The most important of all is that they are interested in the topic of food, eager of knowledge and ready for thorough training and self-improvement. The ratio of sellers to buyers should be polite and restrained.

7. Your store and you

As stated, when customers walk through your store, they will be thinking about you. It is essential that you in your store spend a lot of time, not only to control the operation of your staff and their relationship with customers, but to adopt much information in the field of food, and to feel the pulse of your store. The most ideal solution is you to work in one shift. On this way you will save on labor and also you will gain experience and insights into all aspects of your business, the ability to anticipate possible problems and on many ways contribute to the success of your new business.

8. Position of the goods on the shelves

Earlier we mentioned how your store should give the impression of professionalism and neatness. This also applies to goods. The goods on the shelves rack up thematically, in accordance with customer needs and your desire/need to force a specific product. If you want to create action, assign to desired commodity the secondary position in a visible, action foreseen place in the store. Get used customers to reduced commodity always in the same place.

9. Law regulations

From the beginning, get well in the legal frameworks related to the job you want to run – do not allow yourself to get into a situation that something you did not know if you come to the inspection control.

We hope that we at least made it a little easier for you to start a successful food business.

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Use a Vacuum Sealer to keep your food fresh longer



Tired of keeping your food fresh? Struggling day by day to keep the food unharmed from time? Then the best Vacuum sealer is the right choice for getting rid of all these trouble. It is the best way to keep your food fresh longer than ever before and also save money.

Working Principle Of a Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing is a process of getting the air released from a special vacuum sealer bag and packing foods inside these bags. Usually air got trapped in any kind of places. If you put any food in any kind of packets, air is present there. Which will cause your food spoiled in a short time. But a vacuum sealer seals the food in Food saver bags by heat sealing and keep your food fresh for a long period of time.

Useful Tasks:

  1. The best vacuum sealer successfully does some big saving tasks. Such as:
    Removes oxygen which prevents bacterial attack on food. Oxygen requires for the bacterial growth and bacteria helps to spoil the food fast. Using vacuum sealer can cure this problem.
  2. Keeps the food moisture free. Moisture generally spoil the taste and scent of the food. Vacuum sealer creates moisture barrier and keeps your food fresh.
  3. Keeps the nutrition level high as it this process keep your food fresh for a long time.
  4. Original flavor could be maintained by this process. It cannot contact with other materials which may spoil the real flavor of the food. So the flavor is maintained in this sealing process.

Uses of Vacuum Sealer:

  • Seal coffee beans, nuts and raisins without any hesitation. It will not spoil due to oxidation.
  • Seal Gangrenous foods in the food saver bags. This will help you to save the foods for a longer time.
  • It is a good thing to seal the daily leftover by vacuum sealer and keep it for future usage.
  • Marinate various thing for cooking in a shorter time than hours.
  • Store Meat and Vegetables in the refrigerator after sealing. It will give you the same nutrition like fresh foods.

Comparison between conventional storage and Vacuum sealed storage:


A brief experiment has been done for the improvements of vacuum sealing process. Many surveys have taken place to distinguish the vacuum sealing process from conventional storage system. It has given remarkable result. The above picture shows a clear picture about the advantages of using a vacuum sealer for your food. It is said that 5 time longer life of your food can be achieved by this sealing process.

Advantages of Vacuum sealer:

The benefits of a vacuum sealer use are:

  • Reduce the food wastage at home.
  • Save a huge amount of your budget.
  • Food taste is like the fresh food, although stored for a long time.
  • Longer lasting features in deep freezers.
  • Time saving for small groceries.
  • Store large amount of cooked food and save your time in future.
  • Efficient storage capacity as it decreases extra place for air.
  • Not require to clean any dishes or bowls as it is contained in a food saver bag.
  • Vacuum Sealer bags can be used inside microwave oven and can be boiled.
  • Simple and compact design enable handy usage.
  • Totally eco-friendly.

Various Usage:

  1. Marinating Foods

    Marinating food is a great advantage of the vacuum sealing process. It removes air from the substances which allows the food to open their pores. We all know that marinating is a long process. But by this thing, you can boost your efficiency for marinating. Simply put meat or vegetables with marinades in Food saver bags and seal the bag. Within a short time like 30 minutes is enough for the marinating process by this way.

  2. Cooking and baking

    There are some special procedures and recipes for cooking and baking various kind foods.

  3. Seal Important documents

    You can seal some of your important documents to prevent water damages and other possible damages.

  4. Keeping First aid items

    It is highly recommended to keep your first aid items like band aids,bandage, gauges etc to keep them clean and usable any time.
    In the end, it will be a great pleasure to keep your fresh for long time by Vacuum sealing process. This process is catching attention all over the world. It saves a great amount of money as you can use your food fresh longer than ever before. The cost of the vacuum sealing is so small than its output. The growing positive feedback of the customers and users is rapid.

So, make up your mind and grow a habit to vacuum seal your foods. Find the best vacuum sealer in the market and save your food along with your money.

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Keeping Food Fresh Longer and Reducing Waste

Every year people waste thousands of dollars in food because it has spoiled. This is a considering fact because it not only wastes families budgets but energy as well. As the population becomes more conscious towards what is being thrown away it seems like food waste is the area where we can do the most good. With better choices and how we get our foods we could make a big difference towards reducing waste and saving money.

Plan it out

Our first stop at reducing waste is not purchasing unnecessary items. As a family on a budget it would be in your best interest to complete a weekly meal plan. A weekly meal plan allows you to have a grocery list that is specific and meets all of your needs for that week. This will cause less over spending as well as a focus towards healthy food. The weekly meal plan may take a little time to prepare, however, you will save time over the week because you don’t have to worry about what to make for dinner.

When you have a weekly meal plan you should also consider your left over food. Are you going to reuse that food by taking it with you to work for lunches or are you going to repurpose that food such as adding left over chicken to a fried rice recipe or turning into ravioli. Keep foods that need to be used at eye level so they are ready to be used and so they wouldn’t become a forgotten mess in the back of the refrigerator.

Focus on where and how you purchase

Many grocery stores are helping on the customers by providing locations of where fruits and vegetables come from.  The further the location that the food is from the less likely that it will last more than a few days in your refrigerator.  Your best bet is to find local sources for your food like a neighborhood farmer, backyard fruit trees, or a personal vegetable garden; the more local the source the longer it will stay fresh in your home. You may want to find a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group that you can receive fresh, in-season food items every week.

Know correct storage of food

In general a refrigerator temperature should be kept between 36 and 40 degrees F. to keep foods fresh but still avoiding freezing. Temperature is important because it helps food resist mold and bacteria growth. However, keeping meat at refrigerator temperature for an extended period of time can cause the meat to oxidize and cause the meat to spoil quickly. You can store bread items in cool, dark areas outside of the refrigerator if there is little or no fruit or vegetable items baked in, otherwise store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of tips and tricks to keep them fresh longer but a few to keep in mind are:

  • Keep fruits and vegetable in the warmest part of your refrigerator, which is usually the bottom, to keep the flavor.
  • Cut up root vegetables like carrots and place them in water to keep their crunchiness and for quick eating.
  • Do not store fruits and vegetables in plastic bags.
  • Mold likes to grow on moist surfaces so wash and dry well any produce before you put in the refrigerator to be stored.
  • Berries should be stored in the coolest point in the refrigerator in a re-sealable plastic bag.
  • Store leafy greens in an open container wrapped in a paper towel.

Consider alternative food storage

Some food storage methods may be considered dying art forms, however, you may want to consider alternative methods of food storage for some situations. Canning is an alternative food storage method that could preserve food for up to a year in some cases. When buying end of the season produce you may be able to find a local farmer who is willing to part with less than perfect produce that you can turn into wonderful jellies, jams, or sauces for later.  Another food storage method is drying. Drying fruits and vegetables allow you to keep your produce longer and make great to-go snacks. Drying can be as easy as cutting the produce and place them in the oven.

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Concepts for Buying Your Next Kitchen Appliance


Buying your kitchen appliance can be an enjoyable experience or a nightmare. Before you go to the store to buy your next kitchen appliance read these concepts to know what to look for when considering adding to your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Do some research

Hit the online search engines and written articles. The Internet, videos, retail store websites, books, magazines, and other sources have a wealth of information in order to compare different products and manufactures. You are also able to check product reviews from purchasers and sources like Consumer Reports. When you have plan that is backed up by research you will have less surprises from unexpected costs. During this time, it is in your best interest to determine what would be your budget will be for your expected purchase and installing the new appliance.


Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen

Are you a person who lives on take-out and rarely cooks? Or are you a person who makes items from scratch and spends hours at time in the kitchen? How you spend time in your kitchen will determine how big of an appliance you need. Industrial sized kitchen appliances are slowly making their way into the home and becoming increasingly popular. If you rarely cook then you might not want a large, high capacity oven or a refrigerator when a standard size or smaller would meet your needs. However, if you are a person that spends a lot of time in the kitchen then you may have to consider other items such as appropriate cabinet and counter space.

Don’t worry about loyalty to a manufacturer

Just like finding the cheaper food option in the grocery store, you need to find the cheapest appliance that would work well in your home as well as fits in with your kitchen color scheme. Going back to the research, you may have found out that a manufacturer may specialize in making ovens but make poor refrigerators. You wouldn’t want to purchase an appliance that is made poorly. Different manufacturers offer similar finishes that would be able to easily meet your needs as well as make your kitchen shine and increase overall home value.

What are the appliance features you can’t live without?

If you determined earlier that you are a person who rarely cooks, you might not need the latest and greatest technology in the kitchen. It is easy to impulse buy added features in an appliance and get caught up in the excitement of having a new toy in the kitchen.Small features in new appliances can add up to a higher cost and the size of the machine. During this time of excitement do your best to remember your budget and your needs. You may want to explore different stores as tests before you actually buy so you don’t fall pray to the eagerness.

Think about changing family size

Home appliances normally have a long life expectancy. A lot changes could happen to your family such as marriages, babies, or kids going off to college. With each change could determine how you use your appliances. If you are expecting an increase in family within a few years of purchase you may want to consider a larger item to keep up with your family’s demand.


Small costs add up

There will always be small surprises when it comes to adding to your home. You may have to have a professional install the appliance and they may have to add new plumbing lines, hoses, or bases, which could considerably add to your overall costs. The added costs could blow your planned budget, so it is important to know if your new appliance will be suitable for your home.

Buying a new appliance can have a lot of considerations that are unique to your situation.  Make sure that you are purchasing an appliance that you will be happy with for years to come.

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Maintenance Ideas to Keep Your Home Appliances Running Flawlessly



Some of us has had the privilege of seeing an ancient Home business that is still running flawlessly to this day, long after we think that it should be in a dumpster. Each appliance has its own set of needs for maintenance in order to extend its life span and for you to be happy in your home. When an appliance stops running it could result in a large repair bill or the replacement of the whole unit. We all want our homes to run as smoothly as possible, so it is in our best interest to make sure our appliances are running effortlessly. With millions of appliances running every day there are going to expectations to every rule, however, here are some general strategies for keeping your home investment lasting longer.

Air Conditioners (room-size)

  • Change or clean air conditioner filters monthly during operating season. So you can breathe cleaner air and minimize dust.
  • Make sure that there is proper airflow around the air conditioner unit.
  • Clean around system and clear leaves, trash, plants, or other debris.

These items could help with the air conditioner running more effectively and not actively running as much to regulate the temperate. This means that you should have smaller electric bills and be more comfortable. When the air conditioner is not in use it is important to store the unit correctly by protecting it from the elements.


  • Again, change or clean furnace filters monthly during time of high use or regularly when you are just using the furnace fan.
  • Clean dust build up away from all heat registers and from the air intake area.
  • Make sure that you are not storing any household items around the furnace. This could be a fire hazard


  • Clean dryer vents on a regular basis or after heavy use. Clogged vents can a fire hazard as well as decreasing airflow and adding moisture to your house.
  • Clean lint filter after every use.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the exhaust vent outside including bushes, leaves, or animal nests.

With a higher efficient dryer you are protecting your investment of in wardrobe. A clean dryer will dry your cloths faster as well as save you energy costs.

Washing Machines

  • Fill hoses can crack or become brittle, change them out every few years.
  • Turn off water supply hoses any time you are away for an extended period of time especially if you live in a region of the world that freezes during winter months.
  • When not in use, leave the door open or ajar to prevent buildup of mildew and mold. Mildew and mold will make your cloths smell as well as decrease their life expectancy.


  • Clean the shelves inside on a regular basis. Regular cleaning will make sure there is little to no staining as well as decrease mold buildup.
  • Inspect the seals in the door. Make sure the seals are intact and free from holes, cracks, or slashes. Not having a clean door seal will allow cold air to escape into the room and you will lose valuable food and have higher electric needs.
  • Empty or clean drain pan on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that your food is not blocking the air exchange inside of the refrigerator. When food is blocking the airflow it could freeze half of your food and cause food to spoil that is closer to the door.

Having a professional come in periodically to inspect the condition of your appliances is a great idea. Owning a home is a sizeable investment and decreasing your cost in your appliances is important to being happy in your home.

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