Jun 07

Garbage That Could Increase Your House’s Value

Everyone must have wanted a house like how they pictured an ideal house would be, the one that would make you feel comfortable while being in there, and light up your mood after a hard day of work. Basically, that’s your shelter and a place to relax.

To achieve your ideal house, first of all, you must have one first, either it’s a house or an apartment. The size doesn’t really matter as long as you have one. Next step is to decorate them. This step is really important because all of the decorations are the things that will make you feel in your home. If the house didn’t have any decorations, it might feel and look very plain.You fill your home with your personal things and the things that you like, so it will show who you really are.

Some people are bored with the same things over and over again. Same thing happened with your house. You look at it every day so it often happened that people are bored with how their house looks. That’s why you need to do some home improvements to make the house looks fresh again.

Slide out trash can drawer

Nowadays, home improvement isn’t only about to change how the house look. People choose carefully what improvement that the want to do with their house so it could also increase the house’s value. Besides that your house will look good, when you sell it, you can get a higher price from those valuable home improvement.

There are a few tips on how to increase the value of your house, like create space, take care of your backyard and garden, and don’t forget to do your maintenance. Simple things like a good plumbing system, lights, and garbage can storage would easily increase your house’s value.

People produce a lot of garbage in their daily life and it has to be well maintained or there would be a lot of bacteria and stuff that would affect the people, and your house would easily become dirty. That’s why garbage can need to be available andeasily access. If you have those aspects, then you could increase the value of your house.

There has to be a garbage can for indoor use to put the garbage after activities that people did in the house and for outdoor use so the indoor garbage has a place to go and so it will be easier for the garbage menor the waste collector to pick them up. You can’t let the garbage that is in your house sit too long in the house because it would make your house stink and unhygienic. If you just put your garbage outside your house, it would create the same effect.

What you could do for your indoor garbage can is, of course, put them in the corner probably in every room so you could easily access them. You could do something different with the kitchen. There a lot of design that includes a drawer especially for those garbage cans, it’s called trash drawer.

There is a trash drawer that could fit up to two maybe three bins. Of course, it would be based on the size of the drawer and how big your kitchen is. But, it’s better to have more than only one bin so you could separate the garbage from wet and dry or organic, non-organic, and plastic. Well, the category is up to you. That is one of the advantages. The other advantage of having this trash drawer is it’s located inside the drawer so it could create less stink and make your house cleaner.

garbage can shed

The other thing that you really need to think is the location of the drawer. This is one of the disadvantages. If it’s not in the right place, it would be hard to access and you might have to go back and forth to go to the drawer just to put away your garbage. Because it’s in a drawer, then you have to open and close the drawer every time you want to throw away your garbage. But if you want, you could solve this problem with an automatic drawer opening mechanism, could be a little bit more expensive.

For the outdoor garbage can, you could build a shed for it. The design usually comes with bifold door and flip open lid, for me this is the ideal design. The bifold door will make it easier to move out the garbage bin, a bin with wheels is always a great choice. Meanwhile, the flip open lid will make it easier to throw away your garbage without having to touch the bin. When you make a closed shed, it will also help to keep away all the unwanted animals that wanted to mess up your garbage. Because you make it yourself, you could modify them as you like.

May 26

The Kinds of Finishes For Your Wooden Furniture

I personally love anything made from woods. For me, it stands out from any other furniture and also it has more value to it. On the other hand, sometimes when you are in a mission to buy a new furniture, the one that made out of woods are super expensive.

That’s probably one of the many reasons people start to making their own stuff for their house, like furniture or home decorations. Although the tools that you might need are quite expensive but by making your own stuff, there are some benefit to it. You could have the same thing with the same function but with a cheaper price, you could make it as you need and like it, and the freedom to customize it.

If you are that many people who build their own stuff, especially in woodworking, the most important things to have are a wood router and the router table. A lot of reviews out there that you could use as a guidance before you buy one for yourself (you can see a lot of best wood router reviews and best router table reviews at woodroutercenter.com). Always make sure that the wood router and router table will fill all your needs. Quite a buzz about Bosch 1617evspk router and Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table, you could check them out probably that would suit your needs.

Home furniture

Making the stuff is an important step. The planning to build it is also important. After both of those steps, there is another step that you should do and it’s also important but quite a few people might forget about it, it’s the finishing process.

The steps to make these wooden things are designing, making, priming, painting, waiting, and you are done. Design and planning is to make sure that everything you need is already included. Before you get into the priming step, make sure you sand it first and clean out all of the dust that has been produced. Then you are allowed to get to the priming and painting the wood. After waiting for a couple hours until the paint is dry, your stuff is ready to be used.

If you do the finishing process, you could get a lot of benefits, like:

  • It will look more professional
  • It will make the stuff more durable
  • The color would stay longer
  • Basically keep the stuff safer

There are couple types of wood finishes: oil, oil-based varnish, water-based finish, shellac, and lacquer. In the oil category, you would find tung oil, linseed oil, and varnish. In the oil-based varnish category, you would find alkyd, polyurethane, spar, wiping and gel varnish. Each of them has their own ingredients and uses that would affect on how to choose them. You have to know about these finishes carefully so you could apply the right one.

Tung oil

This oil is from the nuts of a tree that are native to Asia although you could collect them in other places too. It is in an unrefined and polymerized form. Tung oil is more durable to moisture, has a paler color, and dries quite fast. Unfortunately, it won’t produce a surface film.

wooden furniture finishes

Linseed oil

This oil is available in two forms, the raw form and the polymerized form. The one that you should use is the polymerized form. Unfortunately, it won’t produce a surface film just like the tung oil. Linseed oil and tung oil are the penetrating finishers that penetrate to the fibers and harden.


Varnish is made from tough and durable synthetic resins. It has been modified with drying oil. The resins included such as alkyd, phenolic, and urethane. This is probably the most durable finish to moisture, heat, chemicals, and solvent. Mainly, you apply them with brush. There are actually three types of varnish from the percentage of oil that it has, there are long-oil that contain oil the most, medium-oil varnish, and short-oil varnish. What people usually use it the long-oil varnish.

Water-based finish

Of course the main ingredients to this finishes is water. Actually, these kinds of finishes have almost identically the same ingredients to the varnish but water replaced the chemicals ingredients in it. This finish is durable to scratch but not as durable to the heat and solvent as the varnish.


This kind of finish is available in several forms, the premixed form and the flake form. When you buy in the flake form, you have to mix it with denatured alcohol. This finish would make the woods durable to moisture and blending to other finishes.

Water Stains


There are three varieties of lacquer. The most common one is nitrocellulose lacquer, this would make the wood durable to moisture but sensitive to heat and solvent. The second one is acrylic-modified lacquer, the effect on the wood is the same as the previous one but it won’t change the wood to yellow like the nitrocellulose lacquer would do after some times. The last one is catalyzed lacquer that has the same characteristic as nitrocellulose lacquer plus the durability that a varnish have.


May 16

Dishwasher, Is It Useful or Just Fancy?

You might be a big fan of dishwasher. Some might be never going to buy dishwasher in their life. Some people might prefer to wash their dishes in the dishwasher but others might prefer to do it by hands. There are a lot of dishwasher varieties in the market, different brands, different size, different features, and different prices. Of course the price ranges from the cheapest to the most expensive one.

So, now the question is, is it really useful and worth to buy?

First, dishwashers could clean, rinse, and drying your dishes. Of course that is their function. But this appliance are believed that they would wash your dishes cleaner than if you wash them in a traditional way, by hands. Sometimes, you just can’t see the small spots or those unwanted dirt when you were washing dishes by hands. Dishwasher would also rinse and drying our dishes very well. So you didn’t have to wipe up every dishes to make them perfectly dry.


Second, by using dishwasher you save more water than when you wash your dishes by hands. Why? Because you will be wasting more water by running them rather than fill it in your dishwasher.

Third, if you are really a busy person and those who has high mobility, then invest in one of the dishwasher might be a great idea. You could put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and let they do their job while you can do another things. Also, for some machine, you could wash your dishes and leave it overnight. If your water and electricity’s rates are lower in the night time, that is how to save up.

Fourth, it could wash in bulk. Of course the dishwasher is big enough to wash several dishes rather than you wash it by hands one by one. It could save your time. Again, if you are a busy person, dishwasher might be one of your lifesaver. You could save time by wash several, a lot of, dishes in one time meanwhile you do another thing.

Fifth, it is less messier than washing with your hands. When you wash your dishes with your hands, the water might spilled to the floor, or it might even splashed to your clothes or anywhere. When I opened my tap in full forces, because I can’t wash my dishes with small flow of water, it splashed to my clothes and often my glasses. It just happened a lot. Then, you might need to clean that up, another work.

Sixth, this machine are surely easy to use. Of course it is easier. Just like using a washer. Click this, this, this, and this. Then you will have your job done. The rest is just about waiting and you could do anything else. Don’t forget to load your dishes.

dishwasher machine

Seventh, some dishwashers have a sterilize setting. For some machine that doesn’t have this setting, it said that that machine hasn’t reached the exact temperature until it is capable to kill the germs, unable to make things sterile. This feature, of course, very useful to sterilize kids bottle or pacifier. So you don’t have to go for the traditional way, the heating process.

Eighth, it is so much efficient in terms of the energy consumption. Some of the dishwasher will have less energy consumption than other dishwasher. You have to really check carefully on the machine’s details. Besides it would be very friendly to our earth, this less consumption of energy would also be nice to our bills.

Ninth, it has so much more of what you could do with it. Yes, you could not only wash dishes with dishwasher. You could clean up your vase, clean your things that has hard plastic material, or even you could wash your artificial silk greenery. I read it on the internet that you could even cook salmon with a dishwasher, maybe worth a try though.

Before you buy it, there are several things to look after. The size, the energy consumption, the features, the performance, is it easy to use it or not, capacity, sound, and of course price. Sound is really an important part too, make sure that you bought a quite dishwasher. There are quite a lot of an affordable and useful dishwasher out there.

Washer and Dishwasher

The conclusion is, dishwasher is actually useful. Well, I actually think that it is so much useful than I would have thought it would be. So, if you could afford it and you have space for them, then it is nice to buy one. But if you feel like it is wasting money or you would prefer for the traditional way for washing, by hands, then you don’t have to but it. This appliance isn’t really a must one. Anyway, in the end, the decision is yours.

May 11

The Lots of Thinking About Bathtub, Should I or Should I Not?

A lot of people said and I believe that you have experienced this thing too, that bathroom is a place where you could think and a lot of ideas might come up when you are in the bathroom. So, some people might like to be in their bathroom for quite a long time and relaxed. The bathroom is also a place where you can have your own personal and private time.

The bathroom is one of the room that people might forget that it’s important too. That’s where you take care of your personal hygiene. If it’s not well maintained, of course, it might affect to your personal hygiene. That’s why the room also needs an improvement, a little bit of decorations might work.

One of the many things that you could add for your bathroom is a bathtub. Although, not a lot of people would love the idea of having a bathtub in their bathroom or some people might just not like being in that tub for a long time. There are a lot of pro and contra in this matter. This article might be for the one that consider and interested in having a bathtub in their house.


By adding a new thing in your bathroom, there might be some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are it’s easier to bath your children in a bathtub, the bathtub will keep your bathroom clean because the excess water will stay in the tub, and it will add your house’s value. On the other hand, the disadvantages are it might need some spaces, it does need quite a lot of energy, and although it might be easier to bath your children in it but it will be a problem for an elderly and disable people to use the tub.

After some thought, then you finally decided to buy add a bathtub in your bathroom, what you should know is about the types that you could choose. You have to think about the size of your bathroom, what kind of tub that you need, and other stuff to find the right bathtub so this home improvement could went well.

Freestanding tub

This is just a usual tub that lay directly on the floor and not connect with the wall or others. That’s why this tub is called freestanding. A lot of people like this tub because of its elegance. But, it might be a bummer because some materials might make it inefficient and ineffective for some kind of place where you live.

Clawfoot tub

Thesekind of tubs have a foot underneath it to support the tub when it’s standing. This will give you a vintage look and the flexibility to put it anywhere in your bathroom. But, it will be quite hard to clean them and you can’t really use them as a shower too cause it might break.

Corner bathtub

This is the tub that you put them on the corner. It will save you up a lot of spaces in the bathroom. Although it’s usually big and would be harder to install the shower.

Bathtub in the bathroom

Bathtub wall surrounds

Like it’s name, this tub located surrounded by the walls. When you choose to buy this kind of tub, what you need to pay attention to is the walls surround it. the walls would get exposed a lot to the water so you have to make it waterproof by using tiles or other stuff or you could get bigger problem.

Walk-in bathtub

This kind of tub has a door so you could get in without having to do the big step and also a seat so you could seat without having to sit at the very bottom. This would minimize the risk of falling down, so would be for the elderly and others that have disabilities. But, you really have to wait for quite a long time to fill in the tub and wait again until it completely drain out or there would be a flood in the bathroom.

Whirlpool bathtub

This kind of tub has jets in it so it could propel the water that would create a massaging motion. Of course, it would cost more and need more energy than the usual bathtub. But, on the other hand, it would be so easy for you if you need to relax and would increase home value to certain type of home.

Outdoor Bathtub

Outdoor bathtub

For those who really want to step up their bathtub game, you could build the tub outdoor, probably connected to the bathroom too. It will really build up the mood and you will feel like you are in a spa or a villa like when you are in a holiday. Of course, there are a lot of things that need to consider if you want to build this kind of tub.

The decoration is an important part to if you really want to use the bathtub for your relaxation session in the house. You could add a tray for your things while you are in the tub like if you want to read books or something, add a shelf for the towels or soap, a curtain, a hanging mirror, or probably a place to hang the plants.

For those that are still really confuse to choose between a shower or a bathtub, you could actually get both of it. There are a lot of bathtubs nowadays that you could also use a shower on. The choice is really yours.

May 01

How to Build A Mighty Outdoor Kitchen?

You should never ever waste any outdoors space that you have in your house because it could consider as a rare thing now. Except that you have an enormous giant looking house. If you well take care your outdoor space, there are a lot of outdoor activities that you and your family could do which will benefits especially your family’s health. In this everything-is-technology era, everyone is so keen on their gadget that they often forget about outdoor activities or communicate with each other in real life. So, your outdoor space might be the answer to those problems.

There are two kinds of outdoor space that you could build, the backyard and the courtyard. Probably you would be more familiar with a backyard because that’s what people commonly have in their house. A backyard is a yard at the back of a house. Meanwhile, a courtyard is an enclosed are that surrounded by a building and usually open to the sky. You could have a courtyard in your house although it would probably need some thought and more on the budget.

One idea to pimp up your backyard is built an outdoor kitchen. You might be thinking, what should I build another kitchen if I already have the one inside? Well, this would be a different kitchen in terms of function and tools. This kitchen is made for outdoor cooking, which means cooking like BBQ and stuff.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

You could also build a dining area or a bar that will make your cooking outside the house more fun. You could use this for a party, hang out with your family or friends, or just anytime that you wanted to have a BBQ in your menu. This will give you a chance to gather with your family or friends, and also a good outdoor activity.

Here are a couple tips before you build your outdoor kitchen:


As you guys now that BBQs would produce a lot of excess smoke. The outdoor kitchen would allow you to do the cooking that you can’t do in the indoor kitchen. Those smokes are what you should think about, so it doesn’t get back again into the house.


The most significant difference between indoor and outdoor kitchen is about the durability. If it’s located outdoor, of course, it would be exposed to the weather so the materials have to be able to stand through those weathers. It also needs to easily clean. You could use wood as your furniture materials. There are a lot of wood router reviews out there for you to find the right wood router if you choose the DIY way for the furniture.


The kitchen layout must accommodate all the activities that you need while cooking. As cooking is a long and continuingprocess, if there is something that you might forget in the layout, it could slow down the process. You could sort the appliances from the storage section, preparing station, cooking station, and cleaning station. That way, your cooking will stay on track and won’t make you back and forth to do something. You also need to think about where to put the gas, electrical supply, and water.

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Efficiency and Effectiveness

The arrangement or the kitchen layout will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of work that you do while cooking. If the layout were well thought of and well designed, you don’t have to go back and forth to do a task while cooking and when you do that task, it will be done effectively. Outdoor kitchen and indoor kitchen have some connection going on. Each process in each kitchen is connected to each other. That’s why when planning to build an outdoor kitchen, the pattern between those two kitchens must be well made.


Not only that the materials that have to be durable, the appliances that will be in the outdoor kitchen must also be durable because it will be exposed to the weather too. Kitchen equipment that you probably need is a built-in grill, side burner, outdoor kitchen sink, outdoor refrigerator, outdoor vent hood, outdoor kitchen storages, warming drawers, BBQ island, and bar centre. All of this appliances and also the materials have to be easy to maintain, easy to clean, and energy efficient. So, whenever you want to use them, you don’t feel the heavy burden clean them up or become afraid to use them because you might break them or so you could use them on a daily basis.


If you have a BBQ party, you might not want the party to stop, the food supplies stop, just because you can’t see in the middle of the dark in the outdoor kitchen. That’s why lighting is very important to your outdoor kitchen. You would enjoy more of your time outside and provide safety because you could see what’s going on around you.

Outdoor Bar


The entertainment aspects in this area are also important. You could add a patio umbrella or build a roof to protect the people from rain or heat, a fan or a heater depends on the weather’s on where you live, and other entertainment stuff like a TV so you could keep you and your guest entertained. Having an outdoor bar is also a great touch and an important set for a party. Try to bring the comfort feels that you could get from an indoor set to that outdoor kitchen so it could actually use, people would enjoy being there and it doesn’t become a waste part of your house.

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