The Bosch 1617EVSPK Has Reigned Supreme Over The Router Combo Kit Market For A Long Time

The Bosch 1617EVSPK is a great router

When one hears the name of Bosch, what is it, that they do tend to think of tool-wise? The one answer that can be given here is very clear. It is no other than the Bosch 1617EVSPK router combo kit that is on the best-selling list of Bosch’s, and has been on the best-selling list of router combo kits on the market, for a very long time now. Why is this so, you ask? There is only one response that can be given here to this. The Bosch 1617EVSPK has been on the bestselling list of the router combo kit market for a number of years. This why is apparent and that is because it is a top bestseller in the wood router combo kit industry.

The Bosch 1617EVSPK is a great router

The Bosch 1617EVSPK has numerous aspects to it that make it stand out

What makes the Bosch 1617EVSPK so very special, as a complete router kit, are a key number of things that all combine together successfully. It is all of these aspects that work in unison to make this router combo kit one of the most outstanding in description. First of all, this router combo kit has an awesome Fixed Base, and what makes this Fixed Base so great is its fine details. It is a Fixed Base of the very best kind, and that is because, it is something that literally catches one’s attention and holds it. One of its finest of all features is the handles. These handles are the very thing that gets it right every time. This is because the handles are perfectly round, very large, and made totally from wood. They are handles like no other handles, and this is because, they are totally comfortable and do give one a feeling of control. This firm feeling of control does indeed mean a lot. The Fixed Base also does have large windows that are located at the front and rear of the unit. These things alone are worth the investment in this top of the line router kit.

Another aspect of the Bosch 1617EVSPK that stands out is the Plunge Base. The Plunge Base is contoured in a very nice way. It also has great handles as well. These rubber-covered handles are every inch comfortable to hold, as well as, do buffer out vibrations and make the whole process of maneuvering the plunge base something very easy. There is also a plunge lock lever that is located on the left grip and you can get easy access to it. It can be accessed simply by using your fingers and not having to lift up your hand from the grip. It also has a plunge action that is very smooth in delivery. There is just enough spring tension present to provide one with a good feeling and not being tired out by using it. The plunge depth is something that can be totally controlled with the presence of a depth rod. This depth rod is very familiar and it has a knob on it that does lock. It also has a sliding indicator and turret as well. This rotating turret is something that comes available with six different positions that are all individually fixed. Each of these six different positions are totally capable of producing a change in depth of 1/8″.

It is one of the best wood tools

The Bosch 1617EVSPK shows its stuff when?

The Bosch truly does reveal its true router combo self when it is in the workshop. This amazing router combo kit is really premium when it is in the process of cutting wood. Why is that? The answer is easy to give. It doesn’t matter if the router combo kit is spinning a 1/4″ diameter grooving bit at a very high speed of 25,000 RPM or doing the very same function with a large rabbeting bit that is at 8,000 RPM. What the Bosch can do is make the whole process of wood cutting something that a person does look forward to doing. This is because it is capable of being very powerful, but at the very same time, be something totally quiet and very easy to control. It has a motor that is powerful and quiet in operation. It also has a feel that can be deceptively light, but at the same time, has a slighter heavier feel to it whenever lifting it.

What the Bosch is truly big on is delivering versatility to each and every person who uses it. It is a superior router combo kit in that it does know how to get users adapted to it. This is because it is a router that knows how to apply itself to the differences that make up all people as people. The use of the plunge base can be done in a number of varying situations and the Bosch 1617EVSPK adjusts performance-wise every time.

Some of the best paint sprayers 2015

In this article I want to give you the reviews of best paint sprayer which will be too much helpful for you in getting the paint sprayer.

Wagner 0518080 control spray max HVLP paint sprayer:


  • By this paint sprayer you can use thin and thick materials paint which will be good for you because you do not need only thin paint.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get changeable air pressure control which will be too much useful for you and also for your paint work.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get 20 foot long hose which will increase your paint operating system and for this reason you can paint for a long distance which will be good for you and also for your use.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get 3 spray patterns which will be too much needed for a professional result.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get metal cup and plastic cup and also hose which parts will be needed in a paint sprayer because without these parts you cannot use your paint sprayer.

Earlex HV5500 sprays station:


  • This paint sprayer weight will not be too much high and for this reason you can use this paint sprayer easily.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get efficient gun which will be good for you.
  • You can get click spray pattern and adjustable push which will be too much useful for you and also for your use.
  • You can get 2.0mm wide needle which will be good for you.
  • If you can use this paint sprayer then you can get the result which will be wanted by you and for this reason you can use this paint sprayer for every paint work.

Campbell HV2002 HVLP paint sprayer:



  • If you use this paint sprayer then you do not need to use compressor which will be too much useful for you and also for your use.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get robust construction which will give you consistent protection and for this reason it will be good for your use.
  • You can get 3 kinds of spray pattern in this paint sprayer and you know that if you find any paint sprayer which will gives you 3 patterns then it will be good for you and also for your use.
  • If you can use this paint sprayer then you can get a professional result which will be good for your painting work.

HomeRight C800766 finish max paint sprayer:



  • In this paint sprayer you can get low pressure which will ensure less overspray which will be good for you and also for your use.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get 3 ways spray cup which will be good for you.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get a good volume control and also can get adjustable spray patterns which will be good for your use.
  • This paint sprayer will work too much quickly which will be too much needed for you if you want to save you most valuable time.
  • By this paint sprayer you can paint only thin materials.
  • With this paint sprayer you can get cleaning brush which will be too much useful during the cleaning time.
  • In this paint sprayer you can get 2 years warranty which will be good for you and also for your use.

Woodworking become simple with wood router

Woodworking and craftsmanship can really become a lot easier if you are using wood routers, but how to choose the correct wood router and how to use it. Depending on what kind of wood router are you using there are some tips and tricks on how to use it properly. Choosing the best wood router is not that hard as you at the end of the day it all comes down to horsepower and torque.

Wood router is often described as the most versatile tool in the world for a craftsman. You can do basically anything with it. With some addons and options you do not need any extra tools.
There are a ton of techniques that you can perform with wood router we will name a few below.

1. Routing the edges

To achieve and get the perfect edges is basically the easiest thing that you can do with a wood router and one of the basic things that you will need to know. Before you start working on the real thing, use scrap wood to test yourself. Before you start you will need to adjust the depth, make sure to remove a little wood at a time to prevent wood burns. You need to know that there is a possibility that the edges will brake of so before you start really cutting, you need to use the technique called climb-cutting and this technique is done by cutting clockwise on the each side of your work after that start at the side you want and cut to the other end.

2. How to cut a perfect pattern and multiply it?

First before you start you need an original perfect pattern on which you will cut all the rest. You can create that pattern yourself and based on that create multiple copies. Make sure that pattern has perfect edges. After you create your pattern, clamp the first copy on your work piece and use screws to attach it as well. You will have some troubles finishing the edges as the clamps may get in your way so you will have to move them a lot but that is the only way to finish it correctly.

3. Cutting with router bits

Router bits come in variety of sizes and shapes. You can basically use them for anything to create anything. Router bits are actually the ones that choose what your craftsmanship will look like. You can change it accordingly depending on what you need to cut and what you want to look like. Router bits are purchased separately and you will buy the ones you need. Make sure to stock on them as you will never know what shape you will need to cut along the lines. Router bits can match almost any profile, all the edges that you can see on your furniture or some wood craftsmanship is actually made with wood router bits.
Some of the popular router bits are:
• Beading
• Dovetail
• Rabbeting
• DadoCove
• Round Nose
• Round over
• Dado
But they can be made to look like anything you want.

4. A CNC Router machine

Mostly used in industrial purposes is a big router machine controlled by a computer, this machine can work 2 ways, either the table is fixed and the router is moving according to pattern or the table is moving while the router stands still. A CNC machine is mostly used in industrial purposes or if you are running a big business and you need large amounts of same patters created quickly.

5. Types of Wood Routers

You might already know that there are two types of routers and if you are a craftsman it’s suggested that you use both Plunge-base router and fixed-base router for easier work and more versatility. There is a third option which is interchangeable router which has both options but if you are working on bigger amounts of wood it takes a lot of time to switch between motors.

6. Deep cuts to prevent burning

Make sure when you are cutting to do a little deeper cuts in the wood but do it in several passes so you can avoid chipping of the wood or to prevent burning. It’s known that there are different types of woods and they react differently to cutting. Some may chip more than the others so it’s suggested to cut in passes so you make sure to do it properly.

7. Safety protection

Make sure to always wear safety glasses and gloves. Working with high power tools can be very dangerous. Wood can chip of and hurt you. You can accidentally cut yourself or even worse. Safety always comes first remember that. It’s not that hard to protect yourself and be careful. Always use safety measures when working with Wood router.


When everything is said and done. In this conclusion we can safely say that woodworking can become very simple when you are using the right equipment and wood routers. There are plenty of options out there. Make sure to choose the correct wood router for your needs. There are 3 types of wood routers plus a CNC machine if you are a professional business owner. Always wear safety equipment when working with wood routers. You can find best wood router for your needs read some of the wood router reviews and find the one that fits your business and needs perfectly. Horsepower can vary anywhere from 8,000 to 30,000 RPMs depending on the machine. Purchase enough router bits as you never know which one you will need. Always cut in several passes to avoid wood chipping and burning. All that said it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find the right one. Don’t forget that for a more quality wood router you will have to extend your wallet a little more but that being said it will benefit you a lot in the future. Make sure to get a wood router from a prominent brand and a quality one.

Sharpening Tools Category

After some time you use your tools for your woodworking projects, there will come the time that it’s very hard to cut something with the blade. It means that the blade is dull.The more you use them, the faster it will be for your blades to get dull. This is a very natural thing to happened, to every blade or knife.

Although you have a very powerful machines, example the Bosch 1617EVSPK that has variable speed, could be both bases, and other features, if it has dull blades there is nothing much you can do with it.

Of course you can work with dull blades but it will make everything harder. The problems that a dull blade can cause are endless. You can’t perform precise cut, it takes several times to make the woods perfectly cut, and other problems.

If you want to make your work easier, you have to sharpen them. There are lots of ways to sharpen it. There are also lots of tools that you can use. Well, sometimes different tools or machine would need different tools to sharpen it.

Power Sharpening System with Sander/Grinder Attachment

Power sharpening system

This system has a platter that sits on a turntable that mounted in a bearing. The platter will hold the abrasive disc that came with different grits size. This sharpening system will allow you to have more control on the degree and precision while sharpening, which is important to some tools and to reduce abrasion rates.

Water-cooled sharpening system

This is basically a sharpening system that could do all the works, from sharpening, grinding, lapping, and stropping. This system uses a grind stone and could be used to sharpen mostly any tools, from axes to scissors. The use of several types of jigs is make makes it could sharpen any tools.

Power sharpening tools

There are still a lot of sharpening tools that use power besides those other two on top of this list. Of course tools that use power would make your work easier. You could also add some accessories to them to maximize the tool’s work.


This is a sharpening technique that used to sharpen chisel. The most common and the easiest tools to use is the honing guide to hold your chisel while honing them on a water stones. This honing guide is cheap and will be a great start for you to start learning about honing.

Abrasive sharpening belts and sheets

This is the abrasive material where the tools you want to sharpen lay on. This is what makes the tools sharp. It comes in a form of belts and sheets. In this category, there is also a diamond lapping film that used for lapping a water stones to keep them flat.

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Sharpening stones

Probably the most famous and the most common tools people use for sharpening blades and knifes. There are several kinds of stones that you can use, such as bench stones, axe stones, oil stones, and the most common is the water stones. There are lots of choices about the grits when you buy water stones.

Sharpening knife

This is a new concept in sharpening because it doesn’t use stones or sheets like any other sharpening tools. In this sharpening knife, it used blade. The benefits of using this tool is it could reduce the abrasion rates because what the blade’s doing is shaving the steel. You could use this knife to sharpen any tools you want.

Sharpening for drill bit and saw

Because the drill bit and saw have different form of blades from the other tools, so it will also need different tools to sharpen them. The most common might the saw files and the size of it that you should buy is based on the teeth per inch (tpi) of your saw.

The more you use your woodworking blades or cutting tools, the more often you have to sharpen them. Besides that, the cutting tools are not the only one you have to take care about, you also have to take care about the sharpening tools. Without the sharpening tools, of course you won’t be able to sharpen you woodworking tools.

For an Easy or Hard Woodworking, You Name The Table Saw

If you really love woodworking, either a newbie or a professional, things that won’t be out of topic is the tools. There are a lot of tools that each of them has different functions. In this article I would like to talk about table saw. Probably the one who needs this tool is a professional woodworker and those who have a woodshop.

Basically table saw is a table where you do all of your woodworking that involves tasks like cutting and the tool that usually being used is a saw. This tool designed to do all the hard works so it is big, it takes a lot of space, it’s heavy, and it’s quite expensive. That’s the reasons why a professional and a woodshop owner are the one who actually need this.

Table saw’s functions are cut any kinds of woods with ease, cut a material into the size you desired, making precise cuts, and making joinery. There are four types of table saw.

Portable Circular Saws

Portable Saws

Of course this is the kind of saw that is portable so you could move them around. Because it is portable, it is designed to be lighter than the large table saw. But, even though it is made from lightweight materials, the power isn’t as good as the large table saw. This portable saw can’t do a really heavy job because the motor capacity isn’t big enough, would vibrate easily especially when dealing with heavy jobs, won’t give a perfect result in precise cutting, and some have limited rip capacities. But, this is the right table saw for a new woodworker and those who need to move a lot.

Contractor Saws

This table saw is heavier than the portable saw but you could still able to move it around because the motor is located at the back of the saw so it would be easier to remove. Contractor saw have an extension table or wing that is made from cast iron or stamped metal which is for reducing the vibration and improving the stability. While most of the table saw’s tabletop is made from solid cast iron. Basically this contractor saw’s performance is better than the portable table saw, it’s also more expensive. The quality of the saw is better than a portable saw so you would be able to do more difficult jobs with greater quality and less time consuming. Usually, contractor saws are open framed but it affect the dust collector as it’s became complicated. This is the right table saw who needs great machine but still able to move it around, a serious woodworking hobbyist, and the owner of a small woodshop.

Hybrid Saws

Hybrid saws might beconsider as a new type in table saw. There is a new type because there is a gap between contractor saw and cabinet saw. People need the in between, they need the quality of a cabinet saws because a contractor saws are way less powerful than a cabinet saws while people need the price range of a contractor saws which is still quite affordable while a cabinet saws is very expensive. The look of a hybrid saw is like a cabinet saw but smaller in size. The features are better than what a contractor saw could have, some of the features are more substantialtrunnions and arbor bearings and often a more advanced drive belt system. Hybrid saws are close framed so it won’t affect the dust collection. Meanwhile, with all of the features that it has, the price of hybrid saw is quite expensive and also quite heavy. This is the right table also for a serious woodworker. Also for a woodshop owner because of the hybrid saws great performance but still cheaper than a cabinet saws.

Cabinet Saws

The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

Everything featured in a cabinet saw is super powerful, which makes it very heavy so you definitely can’t move it. Cabinet saws are close framed so there won’t be any problem about the dust collection. The motor is very powerful, the tabletop is flatter, their trunnions, gearing, and arbor assemblies are heavier, better fence system, and less noise that the saw produced. With those features, a cabinet saws is designed to do all of the hard works, yes it could cut any kinds of woods with any thickness with ease, and also with less vibration. On the other hand, besides those wonderful performance and power, cabinet saws have their own flaws. Their disadvantages are the price is so expensive maybe a price that not a hobbyist woodworker would spend their money on. It is very heavy so absolutely un-moveable, and because the motor is very powerful then it needs a lot of electricity. Although those disadvantages won’t be really matter for a professional woodworker, which this cabinet saws is really for, because this is the strongest and best table saw out there.

Between the four of these table saws, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. You have to know what you really need first to help you chose the right table saw for you. If you are new to woodworking, you should buy the portable saw or if you have more money you could go with contractor saw and the rest if for a professional woodworker.

Table saw is not cheap so you have to know which one suits you the best because I think you only need one to do all your works and that one table saw is your investment to a better woodworking projects that perhaps could produced more money.

How To Find The Best Wood Router For Yourself?

Woodworking routers

The wood router is definitely a tool that many cannot do without on the average. This is because it is a very dependable and solid tool that is there for them. This is something that is especially true of carpenters, woodworkers, and other professionals who do utilize the power of this tool every day to help them create and do their specialized work. This is why it is imperative to only pick out the very finest of all wood routers that are available on the market. With all of this said, the question remains, how to find the best wood router for yourself? The answer is one that is simple and makes sense. You should take your time to do some researching on the many wood routers that are on the market, first of all, and then go on from there to narrow down the best candidates to become your chosen wood router of choice.

Woodworking routers

How does one go about finding the best wood router on the market? The answer is to do it carefully. Make sure to read as much as you can about wood routers. Also, do read the customer reviews on them, and seek out any new wood router or wood router development news. Knowledge is power and is the very best thing when it comes to making important decisions on specific types of products to purchase. The wood router is no different. The more you know about them. The better off you will be when shopping for one overall.

What is the very best wood router to buy? The answer may be one of personal opinion. It may also be an answer that you will formulate on your own, once you have read some customer reviews on certain brands, or you may just decide to pick one wood router in particular based on your own choice. Therefore, the answers to this question may vary greatly, one from the other overall. However, still do some research on the topic first, and do read what others are saying about certain wood router items on the market. Doing this research is the best thing to locate the very best wood router to buy personally.

Another way to seek out the very finest of all wood routers to get just one wood router is through recommendations. If you work in the woodworking or some other field where the wood router is used as a rule. You can get personal recommendations from fellow workers or colleagues that do use the wood router to get their job or projects done. Personal recommendations from others are highly advised. This is because they can lead you straight to the one best wood router that you both want and require to get your work done on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what you use the wood router for. What does matter the most is that it be the right one and the one that suits your needs for it on the average. There are wood routers out there and other wood routers that are far better. You should only go for the far better options.

Festool OF 1400 EQ Router

The reason you need to shop around carefully and look over specifications for wood routers is very clear. You only want to buy a wood router that can meet the specifications of the work you do. If you don’t have just the right wood router, you cannot do this, nor can you get your job done in the most precise and efficient way possible. You have to only have the finest wood router possible and that is it. The right wood router is what cuts, trims, and shapes wood to the exact specifications that must be met. The wrong wood router cannot achieve this. Therefore, when you go shopping around for the best wood router for yourself, do make sure to keep all of the things stated here in mind. They are important tips to help you find just the right wood router for the job and all jobs to come. The best wood router is there to care every time.

Selecting Tools for Your Kitchen

Kitchen tools

Kitchen stores have turned into super toy stores for adults. You can choose from so many utensils, pans, and gadgets, and of course, you want them all. And you think you need them all, but you don’t. Assess what and how much you want to cook before you go into debt buying cooking tools. Kitchen tools are addictive. But do try to go for quality rather than quantity, especially if you’re just starting out. An experienced cook can improvise with whatever is at hand. As a neophyte, however, you don’t want to work in a kitchen where flimsy pans bum food, dull knives make chopping tedious. or thin baking sheets warp and send cookies flying in the oven.
Do a little homework before shopping for kitchen tools. Read this article, surf the Internet, go to gourmet shops or department stores, and talk to salespeople. Find out what suits your needs.

Kitchen tools

Your handiest kitchen tool is the best kitchen tool 

Believe it or not, you already possess the best piece of equipment you’ll need in your kitchen, It shreds, pokes, peels, prods, grabs, shapes, kneads, pinches, gauges, separates, and crumbles. And you always know where to find it. Yup, your hands. No utensil is quite as dexterous or durable as those ten digits on the end of your wrists. Use them. 

My grandmother always taught me to plunge in with both hands (although I learned to try and keep one hand reasonably clean in case the telephone rings). If you do, you’ll find that you don’t need a lot of gadgets. Between your hands and a good knife, there isn’t much you can’t get accomplished in the kitchen.

Getting to the Point about Knives 

To start out, yon only really need three knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. They can accomplish all the tasks you have to do in a kitchen. You can buy specialty knives later if you’re so inclined, but for nos. These three will do. Don’t skimp on quality, however. But the best high-end knives last mans, mans sears. They are the workhorses of the kitchen and make the jobs go that much smoother.

The best knife is a sharp knife. Regardless of shat brand of knife you choose, that is the most important thing you need to know about cutlery. If you’re thinking about purchasing knives, here are some other things to consider.

A high-carbon stainless steel blade is the best choice. It takes and keeps an edge well and doesn’t rust like carbon steel.

  • The blade of the knife should continue between the handle pieces.
  • The handle should have rivets going through it, securing the blade in place.
  • The knife should feel comfortable in your hand. Chefs knives come in several sizes and none of them are right or wrong. Pick the one that feels best.

Caring for knives 

You’re going to drop a pretty penny on really good-quality knives, so try to give them a little TLC by following this advice:

  1. Don’t put knives with wooden handles in the dishwasher.
  2. Don’t leave knives with wooden handles soaking in the sink.
  3. Always use a cutting hoard, never a counter surface.
  4. Store knives in a knife block, rack, or drawer fitted with slots. Never leave them loose in a drawer. It’s not good for them, and it’s certainly no good for your fingers.
  5. Don’t use your knives as letter openers, dry paint scraper-uppers, packages slitters, and jar pryer-openers.

Keeping ‘em sharp 

Keep our knives sharp. You can sharpen them with any of the following tools: 

– A sharpening steel. It is a long, slightly rough, metal rod with a handle used for touch-tip sharpening.
– A whetstone. This is a fine-grained, rectangular stone wet with oil, used to reestablish and maintain a blade’s sharpness.
– A three-stage electric knife sharpener.
Occasionally, you may want to have our knives sharpened professionally – but not often because this rapidly wears down the blade.
You’re less likely to cut yourself with a sharp knife than a dull knife. The explanation is simple: The harder you push on a dull blade, the greater the chance the knife will keep on going (into a finger) once all that energy finally Cuts through, say tomato skin. On the other hand, you use very little energy with a sharp knife, and the weight of the blade does some of the work.
Cuts suffered from a sharp knife arc cleaner and heal better than cuts from a dull knife. Isn’t that a great reason to keep your knives sharp?

Best Kitchen Tools 

Shopping for Pots and Pans, or As They Say in Paree, “Batterie de Cuisine”

Ballerie de cuisine is a to-dollar French phrase that just means kitchen stuff, including pots and pans. In this section, I give you information about what to look for in cookware and what pots and pans you should have.
Start with hat you need. Don’t worry about not owing every pot and pan known to mankind right in no time, you’ll have so much stuff you won’t know where to put it.
Here are some tips when shopping for cook are:
– You may not have been a fan of heavy metal before, but you will be Heavy is good. Pots and pans should have a substantial heft hen you pick them up. The bottoms should be thick. Cookware with a copper core is even better because it helps distribute the heat more evenly and prevents hot spots that encourage foods to burn when you’re not looking.
– Pick up pans before you buy them the balance and length of the handle should feel
comfortable to you.
– Handles should be riveted, not screed, to the pot or pan.
– Lids should fit well, and knobs or handles should be securely fastened.
Basica1l, you need three saucepans, ranging in size from 1 quart to 4 quart, plus the lids. A 1 1/2-pint saucepan is sometimes hands for melting butter or dissolving gelatin, but it’s not a necessity. A 6- to 8-quart pot is good for boiling pastas and braising. Eventually, you ma ant to get a 10-quart stockpot, You also may want to buy saucepans in 9-or 10-inch and 12-inch sizes to round out your arsenal.